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We at Tungsten understand that success is not just a personal story but a social process.

We believe in creating work that we are happy with, whilst it remains relevant & functional to the client’s requirements. We create truth filled narratives for brands that cater to the benefit of its audience. Our firm roots in understanding design, development and sustainability pushes us to think towards making our clients conscious, organic and resilient. While the realm of advertising emphasizes on going viral, we are the Davids vouching for unhurried, research based, sustainable and organic strategies to groom and grow your businesses- small, medium or large; local, national or global.

Our belief in the beauty of relationships help us craft businesses that engage in dialogue with its consumers and churn out content that makes the world happy. Our collaborations with creators, clients and communities has spread the light of joy, hope and love through the years and we hope to continue that. If you are conscientious, understand your brand as a social actor and want to present your brand in the truest manner, let’s dialogue! Let’s take your story to the world.

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